PLIMSHOF Inductee #6
Professor Harold Brosious
Founding Father

Professor Harold Brosious (10th degree Black Belt) created Ketsugo Ju-Jitsu. Translated, Ketsugo means combine or blend.
The Professor's contribution to martial arts in America is unique and singularly special. His induction into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame as "Instructor of the Year" ( 1997) is profoundly deserved. The following is his story...

Ranked by the American Ju-Jitsu Association Black Belt Board of Directors, Professor Brosious holds the rank (Judan) 10th Degree Black Belt in Ju-Jitsu. Beginning in 1950, he studied with several professional wrestlers and boxers. While serving in the United States Navy in 1951, he began formal Martial Arts training. Professor Brosiousstudied with several Ju-Jitsu and Self-Defense instructors, and studied (later instructing) the renowned United States Navy Hand-to-Hand Combat  System -- forerunner to all hand-to-hand combat systems in the U.S. Military. His instruction included intensive work with the former U.D.T. members (Underwater Demolition Team -- forerunners to the Navy Seals)

n 1955, Professor Brosious began his career as a police officer in Lewiston, Maine. There he taught "suspect control", and was the self defense instructor for the police department. He also trained "Civilian Defense Volunteers" -- the equivalent of the modern day police reserves.

In 1955, the Professor founded Ketsugo Ju-JitsuSelf-Defense . He continues to teach this unique and highly effective form of self-defense nationwide.

Professor Brosious is one of America's most seasoned Martial Artists. He is also one of the few high ranking Ju-Jitsu masters who has actually used his techniques in the street. During his time as a police officer, before the days of walkie-talkies and radio cars (cruisers), he was walking a beat in some of Lewiston Maine's shady streets, including the much feared bar district. His ability to subdue violent suspects won him the nick name "Ferocious Brosious".

His experience on the streets of Lewiston refined and solidified the scope of his techniques, which resulted in the creation of his own martial arts system, Ketsugo Ju-Jitsu Self-Defense. Ketsugo is a masterful blend of ancient and modern techniques with an adaptation to modern self-defense needs. Also borrowing from the Professor's vast experience in wrestling and boxing, the system integrates combat wrestling techniques, previously used in the now defunct "catch as catch can" or freestyle wrestling, popular in America and England in the late 1800's and early 1900's, but which was banned due to its brutal nature.

The Professor assisted in hosting and organizing some of the country's first martial arts seminars (or camps) which were held in Big Bear, California in the 1970's. Other now famous instructors such as Professor George Kirby who was Professor Brosiou's student, and Professor Wally Jay worked beside the Professor in these seminars. (The Professor has been credited for the influence of many of the techniques of BJJ. )

Throughout the years, the Professor has taught numerous police and security officers, government agents, military personnel, bounty hunters, and bodyguards, as well as average citizens seeking to defend themselves against the threats of modern society.

In Professor George Kirby's book, "Ju-Jitsu Basic Techniques of the Gentle Art" Professor Brosious was given credit for his wealth of knowledge, and for teaching his techniques to Kirby who was a student of the Professor's. Professor Brosious also lead the field in video and movie instructional films in the mid 1970's, 10 of which have been inducted into the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

Born April 19 1932, Professor Brosious continues to teach both group and private lessons. His wife, since 1980, Timi (First Degree Black Belt) specializes in women's self-defense instruction and videos. The Professor also produces instructional manuals and videos on martial arts techniques.